The Wikipedia list of professional institutes in the UK is shown on this website under the heading of ‘Recognition’. Here are the benefits of joining a professional institute:

  • Expand your professional network. Your contacts may become stale and limiting if you have only a narrow circle of professionals. Increase others’ awareness of your organisation.
  • Gets you to think outside of the box (many organisations and their professionals have tunnel vision).
  • Discover what other organisations are doing.

Another benefit to membership of IPFM includes receiving a high-quality Journal every four months. We also send out E-Letter updates every four months. Members can ‘advertise’ for new staff or for a new job via the discussions groups. We offer advice by email to those sending their queries to us.

St Clements University requires students of financial management to join IPFM before starting its courses and requires them to move up to a higher grade on completion of the course – subject to work experience.

We offer an annual convocation each Autumn in London which allows all members to get together. This is an ideal forum for networking. There is no charge for members.

Have a strategy for attending the meeting. Predetermine a goal for the meeting. “I am going to meet 10 to 20 new contacts". Collect their business cards. Write brief notes about them on the back to jog your memory. The notes could be both personal and professional in nature.


  • Job duties
  • Career goals and objectives
  • Previous and current employers
  • Skill set
  • Views and discussion of professional issues

We encourage members to write articles for the Journal. For each article published we offer one year’s free membership.

In the Journal we also have a section where we profile interesting members. If you wish to be profiled just send us your biographical details plus a photograph. Being featured in a professional Journal can be added to your CV and help you keep moving up the ladder of opportunity.

On the education front we offer Graduate Diplomas, Higher National Diplomas, Certified Diplomas and Post-Graduate Diplomas in all areas of finance and management. Our courses are years ahead of the game as we provide only up-to-date best-selling books from the world’s largest book supplier, Amazon. Students often express their satisfaction with the great books they receive.

The books are chosen objectively unlike many traditional universities where the reading lists are crammed with the names of lecturers of the individual university.